Florida Sinkholes

How Deep Are Florida Sinkholes

Florida Sinkhole’s

The biggest sinkhole in recent memory occurred in Land O Lakes, Florida, and measured almost 260 feet across.

This monster sinkhole caused seven homes to be condemned and required more than 135 truckloads of limestone to fill. More recently, a sinkhole about 20 feet across and 35 feet deep has been threatening residents of The Villages, a popular retirement community.

The Land O Lakes sinkhole was uncommonly large. Scientists believe that the average sinkhole in Florida is about 11.2 feet across. However, the depth of sinkholes varies widely: some are just a few feet in depth, but others can be startlingly deep. An infamous sinkhole in 2013 in Tampa was more than 20 feet deep and swallowed a man’s house with him in it – the man, unfortunately, perished.


Florida Sinkholes Map By City, County and Address

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