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Major Sinkhole Signs | 2022

What are The Signs Of Sinkhole In Florida?

Sinkhole Warning Signs Inside and outside home

Sinkholes rarely happen without some kind of warning in the environment or in a neighboring property. Here are several warning indicators from inside and outside of your property that might suggest a problem:

Sinkhole Warning Signs in and Around Your Home

Inside the property

A door begins to jam
door jam
Broken Tiles
Broken Slab Foundation
Foundation Cracks
Cracks in interior joint areas
Cracks around door and window frames
Uneven floors, warping of hardwood, bulging or sagging sections
warping of hardwood
Doors or windows that don’t open or close easily
Cracks in sheetrock near doors or windows
Stairstep cracks in blocks or bricks
Uneven kitchen cabinets and drawers
Stairs begin to slope
More Inside Signs
  • New or widening cracks
  • Separation between walls and ceiling or floors
  • Cracked grout between tiles
  • Water leaks or flooding when it rains
  • Stairs begin to slope

Outside the property

Leaning Tree
sinkhole causes tilted-or-leaning-tree
Rapid appearance of a hole in the ground
Dips, depressions, slopes that appear in a yard
Sinkhole Repair Methods
Dead patches of grass or plants
Dead patches of grass or plants
More sinkhole signs;
  • Sinkholes in the neighborhood
  • Presence of odd bugs like slugs and centipedes in the home
  • Earthy odor in the home after the rain
  • Foundations that slope
  • Nails begin to pop
  • Displaced moldings
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