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Christina Hidalgo
Christina Hidalgo
18:30 20 Oct 21
Mike was amazing we were trying to decide on whether or not we should add sink hole coverage, and saw that he did free... sink hole inspections I was a bit skeptical at first on whether or not it was actually free and guess what it was beyond FREE he gave me insights on what to look for if you suspect a sink hole he also gave me a bunch of useful information on what he would recommend for our property as a preventative measure. He's kind, honest & genuine definitely recommend and if we ever decide to sell this will be our go to! Thank you Mike u Rock!read more
Addison Duarte
Addison Duarte
16:41 28 Sep 21
Ask for Mike Kouchak, he's great help and will work with you. Definitely coming to him for more business!!
Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold
15:31 14 Jul 20
This is a great company. Mike is a pleasure to do business with. Honest and trustworthy. He keeps his promises.
Andrew Vos
Andrew Vos
23:06 28 Mar 19
When cancer and a sinkhole hit us at the very same time, we were in deep trouble. Our home was condemned and we didn't... know where to turn. I found Mike on the web and gave him a call. He was able to help us with our sinkhole house. He purchased it from us at a fair price and paid all closing costs. He was able to explain all that was happening, while being both caring and professional. He has won a place in our hearts. We couldn't recommend his services more.read more
Julie Ferrara
Julie Ferrara
17:04 08 Feb 19
A body that genuinely exudes compassion, and care for others. If you were to look that definition up in the dictionary... you would see Mike Kouchak, sinkhole investors name next to it. A man truly sent from God to take the burden of a sinkhole home off my shoulders. Despite the illusions many people have of real estate being a lucrative business this testimony is set forth to reassure you it is not. Especially if you choose a niche field of sinkhole homes to buy, repair, and try to resell it to the real estate market. Mike stayed by my side, gave me courage, and reassurance every step of the way when others walked away. His famous last words “no worries it will get done”. Just like “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Mike came through in a supernatural way that propelled me from high levels of despair and stress to freedom and ability to move on with my life. Mike and his crew provided me with a seamless hassle-free sale, and closed with certainty. They even paid my share of closing cost! I am a real person who is super great-full for Mike’s constant support through my ordeal. If Mike says he can make it happen he will. You won’t be disappointed with his outstanding service and knowledge.Julie (2018)read more
Hedieh Kouchak
Hedieh Kouchak
20:53 14 Jan 19
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Short Term And Long Term Monitoring Programs for Sinkhole Remediation and Foundation Stabilization.


We Repair Sinkholes!


Our team is able to handle all sorts of foundation and slab failures, from cracks, to settlement, to shifting or heaving. Let us examine your foundation and provide a free estimate.


When sinkholes open up in your yard or on your property, they can cause hazardous issues such as home collapse, uneven slabs, or water pooling. Contact us to take a look at the sinkhole and provide your free estimate today.


If you have noticed problems with your seawall–cracks, sinking, deterioration– erosion could become an issue, washing away the soil around your seawall and threatening your home. We offer seawall repair to fix these issues.



We Have 20 Years of Experience

Understanding the needs of our clients and a variety or remediation techniques, we can alleviate structural and ground distress resulting from unsuitable subsurface conditions. We understand that every site poses a unique set of challenges that require site-specific solutions. Our personnel is committed to working to meet these challenges and promptly adapt to overcome.



Compromised foundation? Foundation Professionals of Florida can help.


We are licensed, insured, and qualified to handle commercial projects in state of Florida.


We are a full service geotechnical contractor here to assist with even the most complex of projects.


Our Slab Foundation Repair Methods

Foam Jacking

Polyurethane foam jacking

Masonry Patches and Sealants

Ideal if you have cracks in your foundation due to shrinkage

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy sealant is similar to a hydraulic cement sealant, but it goes a few steps further


Drilling holes into slab then fill those holes with a grout-like mixture which then raises the concrete to the desired height.


Steel Piers Helical Piers Spot Piers



We provide foundation repair, sinkholes repair, and many other services.

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Sinkhole Remediation & Repair with Deep Injection

UDI is one of the best ways to repair a shallow sinkhole. Because severe structural damage can result from shallow sinkholes, immediate and conclusive sinkhole repair is critical.

UDI is a combination of chemical, compaction, and permeation grouting that will not cause environmental damage, stabilizes the soil at the perimeter of the throat, and can fill and plug the throat. Additionally, UDI can cap soil pipes, filling the voids and micro-fissures within the soil at the injection site.

sinkhole repair project
Villages Project

Villages Florida

The location and size of a sinkhole determines which repair solution is chosen. The main sinkhole repair method in Florida is pressure grouting with either a cement grout solution or a polyurethane grout solution. However, in some cases, underpinning with foundation piers is used along with grouting to stabilize foundations affected by sinkhole formation.

In most cases, the sinkhole will be filled using some kind of pressure grouting technique. However, whether or not piers are needed to stabilize the foundation depends on where the sinkhole is located and what kind of damage it has caused the foundation. If you have a sinkhole in your yard or driveway, grouting alone may fill in the void and stabilize the surrounding soil. However, if the sinkhole is underneath your foundation, you may need underpinning services as well in order to lift the foundation.

We Provide the Best Solutions in Sinkholes Repair

Sinkhole Repair Most Frequently Asked Questions and answers

What is sinkhole house criteria in florida?

In order for sinkhole coverage to apply, Florida law requires that there be “structural damage.” Section 627.706(k), Florida Statutes provides a comprehensive definition of what constitutes “structural damage”, but in generic terms, there must be damage to the home’s structural support system that significantly impacts.

when we call a sinkhole catastrophic?

If the property suffers foundation cracks or other damage caused by sinkhole activity, meaning it is still habitable but just needs repairs, it will be covered with sinkhole coverage. Catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage is very restrictive and must meet all four criteria listed above to qualify for a loss.

How to repair or fix a Sinkhole?

Once a sinkhole is discovered and examined, the repair method depends on the size, stability, location, geological context, and the immediate cause of the sinkhole. In general, a hole that’s very small and very stable in an open area can simply be filled with dirt and restored with ground cover.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes are a form of subsidence, which is when the ground sinks. As with other subsidence types, it is usually possible to spot warning signs before things get terrible. If you notice some of the following items in or around your property, then you should get an expert like Geobear to check whether there is a sinkhole forming:

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Cracks around door frames and windows
  • Stairstep cracks in brickwork
  • Widening cracks
  • Tilting trees or posts
  • A dip forming in the garden or driveway
  • A pond suddenly draining away
  • Uneven floors
  • Dying vegetation in a concentrated area
  • Dying vegetation in a focused area

Of course, these things may be signs of less severe subsidence or natural settlement. However, if in doubt, it is best to be on the safe side and get it checked out.

We can visit your property to assess what depths of treatment are needed to return it to its original state if subsidence or a sinkhole risk is present. Please get in touch with us to arrange a no-obligation site visit – we’ll talk to you and work out the best solution for your particular problem.

Can you fix a sinkhole?

Can you repair a sinkhole?  Sinkholes may occur along outside walls or in the lawn or garden. They can have various shapes and sizes and can grow or deepen either slowly or rapidly. In many cases, sinkholes can be repaired by the homeowner. Before any remediation work is done, the extent and cause of the sinkhole should be determined.

How much does it cost to fix a sinkhole?

“When you make a sinkhole claim with an insurer, it costs $10,000 just to diagnose the problem,” says Brashear. “You have to go 30 to 100 feet below the ground level just to determine the hole is there. Then it will usually cost between $50,000 and $200,000 to fix.”

Can I delay repairing my house’s foundation?

Avoid Delays, Avoid Foundation Repair Delay.

Some foundation damage occurs over a long period of time and doesn’t necessarily present an immediate risk to your home. However, postponing repairs only allows damage to become worse and can result in catastrophic failure of your home’s structural integrity.

surface drain Vs a French drain?

The primary difference between the two systems is that French drains are used for water that is gradually seeping below ground level while surface drains handle water that’s collecting above the ground. Their installation methods and materials also vary.

Tampa Sinkholes Map

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Sinkhole Claim

File A Sinkhole Claim

File A Sinkhole Claim To file a claim, check your insurance policy for sinkhole coverage. If you have sinkhole insurance coverage in Florida, your insurer is obligated by law to

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