Sinkhole Alley

Where is Florida Sinkhole Alley?

Florida Sinkhole Alley

Where is exactly Florida Sinkhole Alley?

Where is Florida sinkhole alley? West-central areas of Florida like “Pasco,  Hernando, Hillsborough” has many sinkholes. The insurance between 2006 and 2010 claims Two-third part of Florida. In the past, the formation of sinkholes was not that frequent as it is nowadays. For the past few years, it has been seen in Florida that sinkholes are occurring more frequently than ever. Sinkholes are one of the significant issues that governments and people of Florida over many years. It is damaging Florida’s economy. To prevent the state from significant demands, scientists have started a new project to predict sinkholes’ formation.

Central area is the attraction for Florida people so huge amount of people starts moving to central counties of Florida, they become more populated than ever. The main reason behind frequent sinkholes formation is the soluble limestone that is present underground. That limestone when start dissolving with underground acidic water and rainwater, they form underground cavers and cracks. Significant issues arise because of farming activities. People built pipelines without proper backfilling, and when farmers pump the water from this point, the real action behind sinkholes starts.

Sinkhole Alley Map

Below you can see the interactive map of Florida sinkhole prone by zip code. Please use your mouse wheel or + and – sign inside the map for zooming the map. You may also hover over your mouse over the map locations to see more data. Consider The red bobbles as Sinkhole Alley in Florida.

What are sinkholes :

A sinkhole is a scattered part of the ground, or we can say depression in the background. The subsurface of the earth the drainage for sinkhole water. Typically all the water gathers into a whole and stays there. After some time, the water drained into the subsurface of the earth. A sinkhole is the most common phenomenon I’m geological department. When the rock hit the ground, a hole formed in the result, and then all the rock particles dissolved into the groundwater.

See All Florida Counties Sinkhole Maps Here

Warning signs :

  • Spongy spots start appearing in the yards or on the surface of the earth.
  • Trees and plants become tilted
  • Cracked doors and windows
  • Cracked surface of the earth
  • Sinking yard
  • Windows and doors become harder to close
  • Driveway become uneven
  • Cracked walls
  • Leaning structures

Keep a strict eye on your home and nearby infrastructures. If you saw any sign at your house or around your house, call the emergency helpline and inform them about the situation before getting worse. If any sinkholes activity happens near you, stay calm and don’t panic, all you need to do is leave the area as soon as possible when you see any activity sign.

Safety measures :

  • If you’re are standing in a public area, never go near the sinkhole
  • if you are in a residential area, try to leave your houses and buildings as soon as possible. Your priority should be calling emergency helplines.
  • Inform your insurance company.
  • Inform people around you to leave the area.
  • Tape the area so that no one can walk near that area.
  • Call a professional to inspect the activity.

Predicting sinkholes is almost impossible, and most probably, sinkholes prevention is not possible. All we can do is when any sign starts appearing, we should inform professional and emergency helplines to inspect the situation. If the sign is pointing to sinkholes formation, we can take safety measures before time. Don’t take any risk in your life and the people around you. Human life is the priority for any state. Florida is making many and continuous safety arrangements for the people to protect them from any significant damages and prevent the state from any major economic damage.

Sinkholes affecting building / Land :

Sinkholes of Florida affecting building and local property at a great scale. Not only large buildings but houses are also not safe from the effects of sinkholes. Sinkholes affect the land before the formation and after formation. Before the start of any activity, doors and windows of houses and buildings start getting affected. When sinkholes occur, they leave empty holes on earth that are useless.

Famous sinkholes of Florida alley :

  • Dover 2010
  • Florida high school 1962
  • Dunedin 2013
  • Winter park 1981
  • Locals 1950
  • Alligator Road, Franklin county 2005
  • Frostproof 1991

Sinkhole Alley Florida

sinkhole alley Florida map

map of sinkhole alley in Florida

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