What is Home Foundation Inspection?

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What Is A Structural Engineer’s Foundation Inspection?

A structural engineer foundation inspection is performed by a licensed structural engineer (credentials are “PE”) to ensure a foundation’s structural integrity is intact.

What Happens After An Inspection?

1.      If the structure is suitable for habitation.
2.      Whether existing fissures pose a danger to structural integrity, and if so, what should be done about them.
3.      If your foundation is being affected by the freeze-thaw cycle, and if so, how to prevent further damage.
4.      If your foundation has changed, what effect will it have on the remainder of the structure?

How Much Does It Cost To Check Foundation?

On average, you can expect to pay $200 to $400 for a foundation inspection.

What Is Involved In A Foundation Inspection?

Isolate internal cracks and determine their threat levelsExamine support beams and load-bearing devicesTest how snugly doors, windows, and vents fitAssess the integrity of concrete walls and floors within the foundation. Look for water damage, mold, and improper ventilation.

How Do I Prepare For A Foundation Inspection?

1.     Look for signs of damage.
2.     Document any damage you’ve observed.
3.     Confirm the time with your contractor.
4.     Be present for the inspection.
5.     Prepare any questions you have.
6.     Schedule a Home Foundation Inspection Today.

What Is A Foundation Report?

A foundation engineering report is typically based on a visual inspection of the home’s substructure – the portion of the structure located below grade. During the inspection, the engineer will: … identify any unlevel areas of the foundation. visually assess the site’s drainage. identify the underlying issues.

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